Top Boarding Network (TBN) is a non-profit organization devoted to servicing Asian families who are interested in learning, applying and connecting with Top U.S. Boarding Schools.
Liaison with its partner schools, TBN provides school profiles, academics and special programs, admissions, school life and more.

TBN is found and sponsored by Nobles Prep & Mentoring, a professional education consulting firm with over two decades of experience, that set a mission to share their knowledge and expertise of global education and everything about top US schools.

Dear Parents and Students,

Admission to Top U.S. boarding schools is harder than getting into Top 100 U.S. colleges.
Last year, 51 Chinese students got admissions to Harvard while only 4 Chinese students got admissions to Top U.S. boarding schools. The key is in the information.

Most families do not have proper information about Top U.S. boarding schools. They depend solely on the consultants. Partnered with Top U.S. boarding schools, Top Boarding Network (TBN) is a centralized information channel for all prospective families. TBN’s mission is to provide its members a transparent platform of free and proper information. It is comprised of several handpicked top U.S. boarding schools who educated the Kennedys, Rockefellers and King of Jordan. TBN’s partner schools honor and respect the cultural diversity that Asian families provide.

Our families can explore the key facts of our partner schools through our website, hear directly from the schools through TBN’s exclusive videos and connect with the Top U.S. boarding schools right on our platform.

Take an advantage of what TBN has to offer and help our children to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Yours sincerely,

Jeanne Choi
CEO of Top Boarding Network
IECA Chair for Far East