Brown University

" In Deo Speramus (In God We Hope) "

| University History

Brown University is a private institution in Providence, Rhode Island. It is the seventh-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. As one of the Ivy leagues, Brown University has a long history, but it has an academic character of a free and progressive person. Brown was the first college in the U.S. to accept students regardless of their religious affiliation. In 1770, the College moved from Warren, Rhode Island to the crest of College Hill overlooking Providence.


| University Information

The main campus, comprising 235 buildings and 143 acres (0.58 km2), is on College Hill in Providence's East Side. It can be reached from downtown principally by three extremely steep streets—College, Waterman, and Angell—which run through the Benefit Street historic district and the campus of the Rhode Island School of Design. College Street, culminating with Van Wickle Gates at the top of the hill, is especially beautiful, and is the setting for the Convocation and Commencement processions. In 1804, Nicholas Brown who graduated from Brown University and was a successful businessman donated $5,000 to the school. To commemorate his name, the College was named Brown University.

Brown University is currently comprised of The College and four graduate schools operating undergraduate programs. The college, which operates undergraduate programs, was established at the time of the school's foundation and has 80 majors in undergraduate courses. There are many students in the social sciences and humanities. Some of the popular majors include biology, history, and international relations. Courses in theater and drama creation include theater, performance theory, drama creation, acting, directing, and speaking. Of the total 8,848 students, there are 6,264 undergraduate students and 2,584 graduate students, including 490 graduates of medical graduate schools. More than 90% of new students make up the top 10% of their high school. Notable alumni include John D. Rockefeller Jr., John F. Kennedy Jr. and CNN founder and media mogul Ted Turner.


| Admissions

Brown University accepts only 8% of admissions, and applicants must be above average score in order to achieve admission. Students with only SAT and ACT scores are not accepted. For a successful admission process, students must demonstrate a deep and meaningful extracurricular involvement, and a well-structured essay and powerful recommendations. Brown University is ranked #14 in National Universities. Tuition is $ 55,656 (2018-19).