Groton School

282 Farmers Row, Box 991 Groton, MA 01450

“ To serve is to rule ”

Cui servire est regnare

School Information

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  • Founded : 1884
  • Motto : Cui servire est regnare ("To serve is to rule")
  • Grades : 8-12
  • Enrollment Gender : Co-ed
  • Tuition : Boarding $55,700, Technology Fee: $600; Health Fee: $400 (boarding only)
  • Mascot : Falcon
  • School Color : Black, Red
  • Rival School : St. Mark's School

Academic Information

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  • Academic Calendar : Trimesters
  • Average Class Size : 11
  • Faculty/Student Ratio : 1:5
  • Dress Code : No (Casual)
  • Average SAT Score : 2240-1980
  • AP Courses : 57
  • ESL Offered : No

Notable Alumni

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  • Dean Acheson
    Secretary of State under President Truman, presidential advisor to Johnson
  • James C. Auchincloss
    United States Representative from New Jersey
  • RP Eddy
    Director at the White House National Security Council, United Nations Diplomat, CEO of Ergo
  • Howard Kingsbury
    1924 Olympic gold medallist in men's eights, rowing
  • David Thorne
    Founder of Body And Soul magazine; US Ambassador to Italy, appointed by President Barack Obama
  • John Train
    Investment adviser and author


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  • Groton School was founded in 1884 by Reverend Endicott Peabody as a college-preparatory secondary school with an initial land endowment by James and Prescott Lawrence. The school began with influential and wealthy donors including Reverend William Lawrence, J.P. Morgan, and the Roosevelt family. Endicott Peabody began the school initially to instill Episcopal values in the children of successful Gilded Age entrepreneurs. Groton school admitted its first African-American students in 1952 and its first female students in the fall of 1975.

Student Life

Student Publications / Magazine

  • Gtoton School Quarrerly
  • The Circle Voice
  • Peabody Press

Faculty-Sponsored Activity

  • Faculty-Sponsored Activity allows students to individualize afternoon learning by pursuing an in-depth study of a subject of interest.

Interscholastic Sports

Baseball, Basketball, Crew, Cross Country, Dance, Field Hockey, Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field


Total number: 22
Alliance for Student Harmony, Amnesty International Club, Art Club, Book Club, Buddist and Hindu Meditation Group, Choir, Christian Fellowship Club, Circle Voice, Debate Club, Drama Club, Environment Club, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), GCS (Groton Community Service Organization), Grotonian (Literary Paper), Islamic Society, Model UN, Outdoor Club, Scudder's (School Snack Bar), Spirit Committee, Student Activities Committee, Student Response Group, Yearbook


  • Academic Facilities:
    Integrated state-of-the-art classrooms and labs for the STEM subjects, reflecting the increasing need for quantitative literacy. STEM-related facilities take up about 20,000 square feet of the 45,000-square-foot addition, McCormick Library, Fabrications Lab (3D printers), Flexible classrooms include writable walls
  • Athletic Facilities:
    12 international squash courts, 8 indoor tennis courts, 3 indoor basketball courts, 2 ice rinks, renovated and expanded locker rooms, weight and training rooms, an elevated indoor track a multi-purpose/dance studio, a four-lane, 25-yard pool, 7 athletic fields (Football, Soccor, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball)


School Type
85% Boarding (314 students) and 15% Day (55 students)
International Students 8%
8th Grade: 24
9th Grade: 82
10th Grade: 90
11th Grade: 89
12th Grade: 84

Deadline: Jan. 15 Notification Date: Mar. 10

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