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Top Boarding Network attends Education USA College Fair
On September 14th, Education USA invited American colleges and held a college fair at US Embassy in Seoul. Top Boarding Network met with the represen..
Jeanne Choi2018-09-19451
Top Boarding Network attends Linden College Fair
On September 11th and 12th, Linden Educational Services visited South Korea with thirteen US college representatives. Top Boarding Network met with th..
Jeanne Choi2018-09-13517
Nobles Prep & Mentoring’s Key Notes on Mirae Newspaper
On June 27, 2018, Mirae Newspaper published 8 Key Notes of Nobles Prep & Mentoring’s (NPM) Founder, Jeanne Choi, where Ms. Choi share her 20 years of ..
Jeanne Choi2018-08-13575
Students’ Interviews on Hotchkiss Summer Portals Experience
TBN dedicated August to live interviews of the students who attended Hotchkiss Summer Portals. Students from Asia share what they liked, disliked,..
Jeanne Choi2018-08-06523
Top Boarding Network shares its experience and knowledge wit..
On July 11, 2018, Maekyung Newspaper, a major newspaper in South Korea interviewed and published Top Boarding Network’s experience and knowledge on su..
Jeanne Choi2018-07-30534
TBN dedicated July to explore The Experimentory at Deerfield..
TBN dedicated July to explore The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy in depth. Personal interviews by TBN founder cover everything from admissions to..
Jeanne Choi2018-07-09535
Deerfield Experimentory shapes Characters
Today, TBN releases interviews with Deerfield Experimentory faculty where the main focus is how The Experimentory builds characters. Like any top scho..
Jeanne Choi2018-06-25477
Tour inside Hotchkiss Portals
Today, TBN releases the following videos from Hotchkiss Portals, a tour of the Portals. “Introduction to the Harkness Table” interview with Susan ..
Jeanne Choi2018-06-21543
Students experience from Hotchkiss Summer Portals
Today, TBN releases the student interviews from Hotchkiss Summer Portals. Student share their stories and experiences from their Portal as well as som..
Jeanne Choi2018-06-20432
Essentials of Deerfield Experimentory
Top Boarding Network releases interviews with the Director of The Experimentory that introduces the essentials of Deerfield Experimentory teachings. ..
Jeanne Choi2018-06-18521