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TitleEvert Tennis Academy becomes Top Boarding Network’s new partners2018-10-24 10:35
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Evert Tennis Academy was established by Chrissie, John and their father Jimmy in 1996 in Boca Raton, Florida.
Since itsestablishment, the Evert Tennis Academy quickly became, and continues to be, the home to countless national and international junior players, best college players and some of the world’s finest pros. By combining the experience of a champion with world-classcoaching, cutting-edge training methods and premier facilities the Evert Tennis Academy is able to offer unrivaled programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Facilitated by John and Chris Evert, Evert Tennis Academy is the proud home of more than 15 Grand Slam participants and100 Division I college athletes.

Top Boarding Network is excited to form a new friendship and partnership with Evert Tennis Academy.