The Signature Program is an enrichment program that cultivates characters, challenges thinking and fosters communication skills over the course of four weeks. The program prepares young students ages 11~14 for a successful life; in top U.S. boarding schools, top U.S. colleges and in life.  Participants attend a series of lectures, hands on activities and projects for four weeks.

Key teachings of the program

  • Interdisciplinary Learning
    - Interdisciplinary learning is the key to critical thinking. A student might learn literature with the components of history, politics and arts that influenced literature of that time. Our students will learn to think broadly but with focused analytical thinking.
  • Character Building
    - High scores and good grades don’t make a leader. Having a good character to be global citizens is a requirement for success in life. Our students will learn to focus on two selves; when they are alone and when they are with others. Through various activities, students will build characters.
  • Communication Skills
    - The ability to communicate with adults and peers is vital in everyday life. Speaking in front of many like public speaking is one but the ability to talk freely with people in their lives is extremely important.

Main Courses

  • Literature and Theater
  • US History and Fashio
  • Music and Filmmaking
  • Main Courses

    • Literature and Theater

    • Students attend a uniquely combined class of literature and theater and learn how literature, arts, science, history and even politics and religion are all closely related. The class is in Harkness Style, a discussion based class. By end of the program, students will have a broader view of the world.
    • US History and Fashion

    • Students focus on a time in US history when there was a dramatic change and influence in American history. In the afternoon, students will explore the world of fashion that is related to the time period and do fun projects.
    • Music and Filmmaking

    • This is a time when students explore outside their comfort zone and think outside the box. Students attend a music and film class in the morning and spend the afternoon creating their own film(s) as a team.


    • Boston : 4 weeks in January
    • Hawaii : 4 weeks in February


  • Boston / Hawaii
  • Location



  • 4 Week Program: $8,000


  • grades 3~6 or children ages 10~13


  • Comfortable with English
    Doesn’t need to be fluent but the ability to understand and follow the class in English

Program Schedule

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Q. When can I apply to Signature Program?

  • A. Applications will be available from September 21.

Q. Why should students speak English?

  • A. The program is in English. All the classes will be in English.

Q. Where are teacher from?

  • A. Talented teachers will come from the U.S. and from Korea.

Q. How fluent in English should students be?

  • A. Since all classes are in English, students should be fluent enough to understand the teacher.

Q. How long are the classes?

  • A. Classes are 90 minutes long.

Q. Is there any help if the student does not understand the courses?

  • A. Yes, there will be a Teaching Fellow assigned to each student to help them like a big sister or big brother.

Q. Is this program for students who want to go to America?

  • A. It is open for anyone who is interested in higher education. The program will help students to be a better student, thinker and citizen.

Q. Is there any benefits to applying to US schools?

  • A. Yes, outstanding students from the program will be personally recommended by the director and the founder who have close relationship with top U.S. boarding schools and colleges.



  • 822-707-3565